Mercury Retrograde Extends It’s Influence

Mercury Retrograde Continues To Taunt

enjoying the mercury retrograde yet?

Feeling a little out of sorts? It’s time to put yourself back together – slowly – and one piece at a time! (Photo credit: andres musta)

No, this is not an early April Fool’s joke.
Yes, there are approximately three MORE weeks of Mercury Retrograde.
The Mercury Retrograde Shadow, that is.

Just to be clear, Mercury has officially gone direct. That is to say, it is now moving in a forward, and not retrograde, direction. This reversal of the reversal, occurred Sunday, March 17th at approximately 1:00pm PST. However… it’s not time to celebrate just yet. Because now it has all that time and space to make up for, from when it was retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde Loosens It’s Grip

Please note, the Mercury Retrograde shadow is nowhere near the intensity of the actual retrograde period, but Mercury now has to double-back over where it just came from. So, there is still a bit of vigilance and awareness required for the potential hiccup as we move ahead over familiar territory.

I prefer to view this as a positive. It provides an opportunity to explore the events and experiences of the retrograde period from an entirely new, refreshed and myopia-free perspective. But make no mistake, there is still a need to take stock of your resources and re-establish equilibrium.

MERCURY RETROGRADE IN Pisces | A Revisitation

Mercury Transit, November 8, 2006

Mercury – In all it’s glory. (Photo credit: brainwagon)

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces proved to be particularly sluggish – for me, that is. I found myself revisiting old patterns and diving into long-forgotten projects, only to be thrust back into the present by the demands of NOW. This is tantamount to being caught in an undertow while swimming in the ocean. It is very disorienting. And the metaphor is very appropriate, given the mutable water sign of Pisces.

Bottom line is: it was difficult to establish any meaningful traction in any particular project or situation. Not that it was a slippery slope, it was merely rife with distractions and spot-fires that needed putting out.


English: Drawing of Pisces, the twelfth zodiac...

English: Drawing of Pisces, the twelfth zodiacal sign, appearing in William Hone’s Hone’s Everyday Book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pisces is the totality of the infinite and we can feel like we are drowning when it’s influence is upon us. Pair that with Mercury Retrograde and, well… life can get pretty overwhelming.

My astrological experience has shown me that Pisces promises nothing and delivers everything. Pisces reminds us that life and living is a blank canvas, possessing the potential for whatever we choose to make of it. To say this is daunting is an understatement. So, how do we best approach and maneuver our way within this all-encompassing energy and influence?

We let go – completely. We tap into our subtle awareness and “follow” the barely perceptible vapor trail beckoning to us. This requires Faith, and by extension, Courage, to move purposefully and with Trust into the proverbial VOID. This is, by no means, an easy task – nor should it be. This is as meaningful as it gets. Will we fail? Will we die? What will become of us? And, of course, our Ego needs to know how big a fool will we look to our friends and family if we fall on our face.

Taking a deep breath, shaking off the drama and reminding ourselves that we possess the power to accomplish virtually anything to which we apply ourselves, is an important meditation. Which reminds me: Pisces rules meditation – deep, exploratory meditation.

Neptune rules Pisces and is the embodiment of “coming to be and passing away.” So, how do you make sense of, and wrap your mind around something that is the antithesis of permanent? Especially, in Mercury Retrograde?

A little primal screaming could work, but is probably overkill. Plus, it would freak everyone out – it’s so 1970′s. But seriously, this is where Humility and Willingness are your greatest allies. Deferring to “flow” rather than resisting the process will yield results that are unusual and can be quite unexpectedly beneficial. Also, letting down your Ego and getting a little pious in your relationships with others works real well.

Think counter-intuitively. You’ll be amazed at what strategies and insights arrive.


So, in a nutshell, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces feels like you’re walking backwards in a fog bank and your feet are just barely touching the ground. And, the ground is made of quicksand.

Taking every step cautiously and deliberately, while attempting (to virtually no avail) to see where you are going, which is actually where you’ve been. This begs the question: were you paying attention to where you were?

It is a wise strategy to keep tabs on when a Mercury Retrograde will arrive. Put it on your calendar and begin to take notes – either written or mental, although written is advised – for reference when Mercury says it’s time to “review.”

Refer to the calendar made available by our friends over at

Mercury Retrograde | Parting Thoughts

Like everything in life, a little preparedness and willingness to accept the inevitable, is all that is required to weather the Mercury Retrograde Storm, Shadow and Mercury Retrograde itself.

So, in closing I would submit that there are three things that are certain in life:

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. Mercury Retrograde

(Sigh) Get used to it – then, Master it!

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Purling Hiss Get Spacey In ‘Mercury Retrograde’ Video

Mercury Retrograde is typically associated with computer malfunctions, mis-communications, error-filled legal documents… and more mayhem than most people are able – or willing – to endure.

So, when I discovered this energetic defiance of Mercury Retrograde – performed in classic fashion by Purling Hiss – I must admit, I wasMercury Retrograde Purling Hiss surprised and satisfied. The creative emphasis and “no-holds-barred” approach to the music and video production, is exactly the kind of statement that needs to be made during this stressful period.

In an article by  on, Rahman cheerfully proclaims:

Mercury is currently in retrograde. The Philadelphia indie-rock band Purling Hiss knows this too!

The lo-fi enthusiasts premiered the lead single “Mercury Retrograde” from their upcoming ‘Water on Mars’ a couple of weeks ago, and now they’ve got a video to match — and you can watch it exclusively here.

The clip is appropriately out-there, with the trio performing in front a green screen in the kaleidoscopic cosmos. Everything about the clip — the slackery sweaters, the Dinosaur Jr.-y sounds, the unkempt hair — feels like something that could’ve been featured on MTV’s 120 Minutes in its heyday.

In other words, it’s really good. Check it out for yourself…

You can listen to Mercury Retrograde by Purling HIss here.
Or click here to be taken to Entertainment Weekly for the video.

In essence, Purling Hiss says, “Bring It ON!”